The cashflow graph in the forecast tab is generated by the data you have entered for your profit & loss and balance sheet forecasts.

It works with a Red, Amber and Green colour coding system.

  • Red = there is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as the company has gone above the overdraft limit.
  • Amber = there could be an issue on the horizon, but the company is still within the overdraft limit. It would be best to review and put a solution in place early.
  • Green = healthy cashflow levels and no immediate issues are imminent.

The colour coding system allows you to understand from a glance whether you need to analyse your numbers more closely. From the graph below, this company can see they need to get a plan in place by October, or they could be having issues.

You can view the cashflow in monthly, weekly or daily format by clicking on month, week or day in the top right of the tab.

For those who prefer more of a numbers view than a graphical view, you can click on table view in the top right.

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