Importing A Forecast

If you are planning to import your forecast rather than enter it manually in the system, then it is a very simple process.

When you are in your profit & loss or balance sheet forecast, click on the green button 'import forecast' in the row above forecast categories.

First, you need to download the Excel template the system uses to populate the forecast data fields. Click the blue button 'download template'.


This will download the Excel template. Open it and input your data. Save it as a recognisable name.

Go back into GearShift and click the green 'next' button on the same page as you downloaded the template.

Click the green 'browse' button to search for the template you need to upload.

Once uploaded, click the green 'import' button.

You will get a message saying that the forecast rows were successfully imported.

It is the same process to import the balance sheet forecast, so follow those steps and you will be able to import the balance sheet forecast as well.

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