Editing Or Deleting Categories

If you need to edit or delete a forecast category, it is perfectly easy to do so.

Simply go into your forecast and click on 'Manage Categories'.

You will then see this screen.

To edit a category, click on the category you wish to edit - in this instance, we'll go with 'Event planning'.

Below you can see that we have edited the name.

You can also change the category position, you can go in and edit the figures, as well as change the payment terms.

Click the green 'Save' button in the top right.

You can also re-order the categories by using the up and down arrows on the manage categories page.

To delete a category, simply tick the checkbox in the row of the category you wish to delete. Below, we have ticked 'Consulting for non-profits' for deletion.

Then simply click the top right green 'Delete selected rows' button.

You will be prompted to confirm you definitely wish to delete this category to which you can say 'OK' or 'Cancel'.

Once OK has been clicked, the category will be permanently deleted from the system.

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