How Safe Is My Data?

Securing and protecting your data is vitally important to us at IRIS. We take every care to ensure that we protect your privacy and securely store your data. This guide gives you an overview of the data security measures IRIS has in place.


Cloud based software

IRIS Insight is a cloud software package. This means you never have to worry about saving data locally. Your data is saved and backed up in world class data centres.


World class data centres

The Insight application is hosted and your data is stored on Microsoft’s Azure data centres in Europe. Microsoft employs a number of measures to protect data security including 24hr monitored security access and intruder detection.

The Azure data centres hold a number of independent accreditations, including ISO/IEC 27001.2005 Audit and Certification. You can find out more at


Data encryption

We use SSL (Secure Socket Layers) encryption to protect your data as it is sent over the internet between you and Insight. You will see a padlock icon in your browser when you register or log in to your Insight account which shows that this encryption is in place.


Independent security reviews

We use independent security experts to review, test and report to us on the security measures we have in place. This makes sure we remain up to date with industry standards and gives independent confirmation that our software and your data are secure.


You control access to your data

Your data is accessible only by you or anyone you choose to give access to. You can control the level of access you give to any additional users of your account.


You can also find additional information in our privacy policy found here.

Any questions you have on our data security should be sent to

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