What Can I Edit In The Settings Tab?

In GearShift, you can edit the following sections at any time:

  • Organisation settings
  • Payment terms
  • VAT settings
  • Your account
  • Users
  • Subscriptions
  • Staffing settings
  • Actuals

Organisation settings

Here, you can edit company name, telephone number, location and business sector.

Payment terms

Here you can update the payment terms, i.e. number of days for payment from customers and payment to suppliers, simply by typing the number in or using the up and down arrows and clicking 'save'.

VAT settings

If you need to change your VAT settings, you can do so here.

You can change from monthly to quarterly VAT returns, update the VAT period end dates when using quarterly returns. You can also update the VAT scheme you are on.

Your account

You can update your name and password in this section.


You can add users to the account. To do this, simply click the green 'add user' button. You will need to enter their email address and select whether they get read only, edit access or system administrator levels of access to the account.

Then you can click save and the user will be added.

To add their first and second name to the record, click on the email address you have just entered when you see it in the list of users. Input the names and click save.


This is where you can manage your subscription.

In here, you can upgrade your subscription to a plan with more licenses, downgrade to a plan with fewer licenses, and even cancel your subscription if you need to.

Staffing settings

In this section, you can update the below info:

  • Payroll and pension payment dates
  • Employee PAYE
  • Employee pensions
  • Employers costs (NI & pensions)


In the actuals section, you can update any information around the finance system you use and how many decimal places you want to work to.

Once you're happy the dropdown fields are correct, click save.

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