Protected File In Excel - Why Can't I Edit?

When you are importing forecast and actuals data via the Excel import, you will be working with the standard template the system uses.

Often users want to change something in a field of the template that is protected or read-only and as such are not able to do so. This could happen when a user wants to use a template from another forecast that they have previously used.

Sometimes, Excel will open a prompt to you explaining that you can take the read-only protection off the file.

It is very important that you do not remove the protection of the file and change anything. This is purely because by altering the template, the system may still accept the numbers but it could mean an inaccurate output for the forecast.

If you need to change anything in your template such as months etc. then we strongly recommend that you simply download the template again as it will be specific to the forecast settings you have applied and copy any numbers over to the new template.

This is simply to minimise data entry errors.

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