What If Scenario Planning

Insight's powerful What If functionality creates scenarios to help you develop solutions to cashflow problems.

The graph shows what your current financial situation is, but you can add conditions to this to understand what your financial situation could be.

To add a condition, click 'add condition' (green button in top right of what if screen).

You then create your scenario. You can increase or decrease your chosen item from the profit & loss forecast. This can be in the form of value, value % or planned date.

You then select whether this will be applied to an item from your income or expenditure.

For this example, we are testing the impact of decreasing the app developer (as an operating staff cost) by 50%.

Then click apply.

You can see the effect this has had on financial performance.

You can see the change represented in the graph but it is also possible to view the exact numbers in the table below. It is not visible in this screenshot, but you can also see a row of figures which show the difference between current and what if.

It is possible to add multiple conditions, simply follow that process each time.

You can edit conditions, or simply remind yourself what they are but clicking on the blue 'conditions applied' button.

Click on the edit button (the small pencil icon) to change something about your condition. Simply edit the information you have previously applied and click save.

You can view your what if scenario in monthly, daily or even weekly format, simply by clicking on your chosen view in the month, week, day tab in the top right.

You can also select a date range to apply it to by editing the date range in the top right of the screen and clicking 'select range'.

You can download your what if scenario if required by clicking on the 'download what if' button in the bottom left of the screen.

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