Understanding The Dashboard

The dashboard was designed to give you an instant overview of your key business indicators.

Within the dashboard tab, there are 3 sub-tabs to navigate around:

  • Performance
  • Trends
  • Cashflow


In this sub-tab you can view the following indicators:

  • Profit
  • Funds flow
  • Sales analysis
  • Direct costs analysis
  • Operating costs analysis
  • Working capital

You can choose which components you have featured on the performance dashboard by clicking on the + symbol at the top right and simply tick and untick the items you want to show.

You can also drag and drop the items on the dashboard so they are in the order that you want.


On the trends sub tab you can view the following trend graphs:

  • Sales 
  • Direct cost
  • Gross profit
  • Overheads
  • Operating profit
  • Profitability
  • Operating costs
  • Cash balance
  • Trade debtors balance
  • Trade creditors balance

As with the performance dashboard, you can add and remove items as well as order them as you like.


On the cashflow sub-tab, you get a clear picture of your cashflow situation. You can view the following:

  • Forecast tax payments
  • Payment terms
  • Profit forecast
  • 6 month cashflow graph
  • 12 week cashflow graph
  • 6 month overdraft graph

As with the other two dashboards, you can add and remove items as well as order them as you like.

The cashflow dashboard uses a Red, Amber, Green colour coding system to show where there may be an issue that needs to be reviewed.

  • Red = there is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Amber = there could be an issue on the horizon. It would be best to review and put a solution in place early.
  • Green = healthy cashflow levels and no immediate issues are imminent.
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